Efficiency and reliability of our products, our pride in customer satisfaction

At Techni-V-AC we have extended knowledge of the vacuum pumps industry. Our products and services are offered by competent, rigorous and innovative technicians; we go above and beyond manufacturing standards. We provide our customers with the best service possible, whether it be for one replacement filter or multiple vacuum pumps. Our dedication to providing total customer satisfaction insures a long term sustainable business relationship.

DESIGN & MANUFACTURING of Industrial vacuum pumps systems

In our Blainville plant, we design and manufacture personalized vacuum systems to your specific needs: medical, composites, industrial, laboratory, R&D (turbomolecular). Assembly and complete testing in our plant.

For more information, contact us at:
1 866 633-6606

Available pump rentals from 1 to 25 HP, claw and rotary vane.
We sell refurbished vacuum pumps.
Financing by Crédit-Bail available upon request.