Design & Manufacturing of Industrial vacuum pump systems

In our Blainville plant, we design and manufacture personalized vacuum systems to your specific needs: medical, composites, industrial, laboratory, R&D (turbomolecular).

Assembly and complete testing in our plant

Food Industry
Food technical Applications of VACUUM for general packaging, bottling, canning, vacuum evacuation, freeze-drying, the manufacturing of cheeses, vacuum cooling of products, meats and delicatessen, poultry, packaging under modified atmosphere, mixture, filling and closure/packing
Vacuum for CNC tables, applications of thermoforming, degassing of cylinders of extrusion, degassing of molds, handling of materials, electronic components, manufacturing of printed circuits, transfer of bulk materials.
R&D systems, central vacuum of laboratory.
Drainages thoracic and pleural, retreat of surpluses of blood during surgery, sampling of physical fluids, gastric draining, liposuction.